Hit – The Sugarcubes (1991)

Released on New Years Eve 1991 as the lead single to The Sugarcubes third and final album, Stick Around For Joy. The Sugarcubes were, of course, the band that Björk was the singer for before she went solo.
Hit was The Sugarcubes biggest -ahem- hit. Björk claimed that it was “an attempt” to write a love song – telling Melody Maker in 1992 “I tried. I really did. But with a sense of humour. I wanted it to be gross and powerful. Because it’s contrary to what people think of when they fall in love.”

“This wasn’t supposed to happen …. I’ve been by hit by your charms…. I don’t believe this…. How could you do this to me?” Björk complains, playing a role of a hapless girl who has no emotional competence or self-control when confronted by “your charms” – surely the fantasy of a million-and-one misunderstood indie-boys and their wannabees in 1992 who lusted after – this song soundtracking their bedroom fantasies.

Musically it’s a mish-mash collage of funky dance electronica , indie pop guitar licks, dj-scratches and something approximating a James Bond Theme. Einar Örn Benediktsson, the group’s male vocalist, even raps in a cartoonish manner which against all good judgement ends up being unnervingly charming. Although if accidently imagine the skinny-spotty aforementioned misunderstood master…ing their rap-alongs in their respective bedroom mirrors it reverts to it’s original cringe!

Then there’s the Icelandic refrain which adds an other-wordly tone to the composition.

In total this song walks dangerously close to being a novelty-record. It flies close to that sun but manages to keep it’s wings from even the slightest of singes.
It’s daft and goofy but rapturously groovy at the same time – an example of pop perfection.

The first “ouch” in the rap line “I said ouch – that really hurt!” is so sublimely stupid that it makes me immeasurably happy!

Live performance on UK TV show The Word 13 Dec 1991

Official Music Video