Wildfire by SBTRKT featuring Little Dragon (2011)

Aaron Jerome is SBTRKT

The sophomore single from London based enigma Aaron Jerome’s (aka SBTRKT) eponymous debut album, “Wildfire” was co-writen, and features, Swedish electronic band Little Dragon. It includes the indubitable vocals of their singer Yukimi Nagano – her breathless and, at times, barely cypherable vocals add to the other-worldliness of the track which comes replete with dubstep-esque wobbles playing front and centre.

Little Dragon

SBTRKT‘s record label Young Turks’ controversial decision to refrain from releasing “Wildfire” intergalactically robbed Jerome of almost certain number one singles on other planets and doubtless critical acclaim by aliens in alternate solar systems.

Listen to Yeah Bagel’s The Dozen Matter Volume 1 featuring “Wildfire” as track 1

(Un)Related trivia:
The record was released on XL Recordings imprint label Young Turks which was headed by Caius Pawson who had started using the name for a series of dance parties which quickly became undone after a police raid and gear seizure – aged nineteen he ‘went straight’ by taking a job at XL Recordings and within 2 years established the imprint with the moniker, in 2009 releasing The xx‘s debut album.

Pawson took the name from Rod Stewart‘s 1981 hit. It was Rod’s first to be backed by a synthpop and new wave sound which his keyboardist Duane Hitchings cited as being influenced by Devo. The video for the single (which incidentally, was the first music video to be played by MTV that included people break dancing in it) centres around a couple of runaway teens Billy and Patti.

Spot the breakdancer in Rod Stewart’s music video for “Young Turks” (1981)

Patti was played by Elizabeth Daily who would go on to be the voice of Tommy Pickles in Rugrats and later replacing her Rugrats co-star Christine Cavanaugh as the pig’s voice in the sequel of Babe – Babe: Pig in the City in 1998.

Rod’s song never actually utters the words “young turks” – the chorus instead centering on the phrase “young hearts, be free, tonight”, leading to the song frequently being misidentified as “Young Hearts” or “Young Hearts Be Free”.
‘Young Turks’ was also a British slang term for rebellious youth, which is probably how or why it appealed to Pawson. But unbeknownst to Paswon (and maybe Stewart?) at the time, the phrase had origins in an early 20th century political movement involved with the Armenian genocide in the Ottoman Empire during World War 1. Pawson changed the label’s name to simply “Young” in April 2021.

Further, I have no reason to suspect Aaron Jerome nor Yukimi Nagano of any pro-genocide views – Armenian or otherwise.

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